Saturday, January 24, 2015

Abnormal facebook posts!!!

These days what I see in facebook are rather abnormal things. Some of the posts kept my mouth wide open. I felt like "What?" when I first came across these posts.

1. Funeral pictures
I actually saw someone posting funeral pictues on facebook. I was really shocked to see that post as I never thought someone would actually get time to click pictures in funeral ceremony and post it as if it was something ineresting. I know posting pictures is what facebook is meant for but I, at least I felt it unusual.

2. 1 like = 1 prayer 
Posts featuring pictures of severely ill people or street children are viral these days and what's annoying is the caption that they put as 1 like = 1 prayer and 1 like = Get well soon. I mean seriously, how did they get such ideas? Literally,  these are part of their like-grabbing strategy and everybody knows that. It's annoying.

3. Wishes that are never uttered in real life
We actually see people posting "Happy Birthday MY LOVE. LOVE YOU FOREVER" and blah blah to those people who don't even look at each other when they pass-by. I mean it's okay to post "Happy birthday" but with all those words with no meaning are quite annoying. And something like "Love you momma" on facebook when it's well known that their parents are not using fb anyway. I don't mean this to people who actually have great relations with parents and really mean those posts. But posting them randomly and actually giving no respect in reality is shameful. It can be used as platform for sharing feelings but random posts with no feel are ; I don't know what to say.
(No offence to those who don't fall in this category.)

Do comment so that I can know what you feel.