Friday, January 30, 2015


I know she wants to live her life,  
I know she wants to smile again,
I know she whimpers behind the doors,
I know she exists with a heap of pain.

Her sad lore tugs to your heartstrings,
The sheer shadow on her soul is heart-rending,
Her shattered hopes will pinch your soul,
Her faith on secure life is quite denting.

She never used to grieve in the gloom,
She used to cheer and spread her wings,
She was a robust youth and beauty queen,
She used to accept whatever life would bring.

She felt twinge as her body was robbed,
Her soul was raped and then she always sobbed,
Her faith trembled and courage did moan,
Her identity bellowed but no pity was shown.

Even then she remians as pure she was,
Her emotions are as divine as they were,
Her faith's trembled but not broken down,
Her identity faded; not vanished; it's there.

She now needs epiphany about her life and bliss,
Should feel beauty of life and forget she sobbed,
Courage and trust should bestride fear and ire,
She needs to believe that she will be loved.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let the pigeons fly away!!

A moment of real pleasure is watching birds fly in clear sky. Their chirping sound soothes soul, at least of some of ours. The act of encaging bird seems like smothering their pleasure and right to life. They really need to be provided with their rights.

Let The Pigeons Fly Away!!

A pigeon couple in cozy home,
For security, they needn't roam
The female doesn't have to wait for her dear,
Neither does the male bring tiny creatures to share.

Amid the superior creatures in the Earth,
Their sedentary life has already taken birth,
With air barred and eagles & hawks away,
Where, even in swift wind,they can't see twigs sway.

They needn't flap their wings in smoggy skies,
Nor have to yell when any of their companion dies,
No need to search straw to make nest,
Where, after a liberal flight, they could rest.

They don't scream like they used to do,
They don't cheer up after getting larvae(it's coup).

Maybe they have forgotten the way to express jubilation,
Maybe they have learnt discipline in course of domestication,
Or maybe they're tired of giving earnest pleading,
Maybe get busy counting day for end with each morning greeting.

Please, have some pity,
Leave the pigeon couple happy and gay,
Let them live a liberal life,
Let the pigeons fly away!
Let the pigeons fly away!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Joy is never tomorrow it's always now!"

"Joy is never tomorrow it's always now!" 
                                                    - Sri Sri Ravishankar

I need to do this.
I need to complete this.
I need to achieve this.
I have got to reach that far.
I have to climb those steps.
I have got to defeat people around.
I need to be on the top.

Please, just stop making your mind a chaotic planning department. 'Your life is a journey, not the destination.' Someone, wise quoted. Stop taking anxiety about future: the future that no one has seen and the future that you have no control over. Lets concentrate in our present and stop getting scared of the unseen. 

Live your live with joy. Rejoice and have fun. Do things that make you happy. Enjoy what you do. Cherish each moment. Leave no space for regrets. Give your 100% to whatever you're engaged in and you'll realize how fun-filled that task is. Embrace "Present" and make best utilization of it. ( I am not emphasizing in the professsional part only.) 

When you reach the so-called "Future", you're very likely to realize that if and only if you hadn't had nightmares about the future and focused in your present, you'd have been gifted with a better life. A merrier, a more beautiful and a stress-free life. The life shadowed with worry about future could have been a life showered with cherishing moments and wonderful memories.

Just recall your past and analyse what benefit has the thought about future really brought into your life.Couldn't you enjoy more had you been less worried about future? Couldn't you be bolder and more confident if you hadn't let the fear of future linger in your mind? Couldn't you achieve more had the nervousness not interfered in the way?

So, please stop making your life feel like a punishment. Don't panic about future. Live in present moment. Be happy at the present. Don't keep praying for tomorrow's happiness. At the same time, never ever leave space for guilts and regrets.

Be happy. Spread happiness.

Have a great time!

Crazy People

This time around, I have to share with you one of the poems that I scribbled down recalling my school memories. School friends are our best friends, no matter what.
Here comes the poem.

              Crazy people

No blood genetically linked,
But a family that God has sent,
Not dwelling under same roof,
But emotions do easily blend,
Rapture,joy,bliss we share,
Hard times don't let relation end,
My biggest truimph and achievement,
My friends,my best friends.

Kind words we never ever utter,
Sarcasms; don't know if you hate!
Mocking's always been a pleasure,
With embarrasment,stronger bond does get,
No place for word called 'Secret',
Awesome nicknames is a matter of fate,
Silly pranks we play together,
My soul sisters,my soulmates.

Your names are engraaved in heart,
Your affection embraced by my soul,
My heart-felt gratitude to you,
For being best in your designated role.

Eternal our friendship should be,
Stimulants and tranquilizers,never bid goodbye,
For as long as we're there,
We'll spread our wings and fly.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Very Beginning...

Hello people,

Many of you might be knowing me as a fashion blogger but here I come to express my passion for writing. This very first post is about the poems that I have fallen in love with.
Maya Angelou, she is such a phenomenal writer and I must say her writings ignite the fuel of motivation in us. To be specific, her poem "Phenomenal Woman" has really made me awestruck. The way she writes is just amazing. The flow is really something that many of us want to be there in our piece of writings.

Now here comes my other favorite. "If" by Rudyard Kipling is such a pleasure to read. You will really like the poem once you read it. 

I will be posting my writings and will jot down my thoughts here. I hope that you all will help me harness myself with your precious feedback and comments.

See you soon.

Have a great day.