Saturday, January 24, 2015

Crazy People

This time around, I have to share with you one of the poems that I scribbled down recalling my school memories. School friends are our best friends, no matter what.
Here comes the poem.

              Crazy people

No blood genetically linked,
But a family that God has sent,
Not dwelling under same roof,
But emotions do easily blend,
Rapture,joy,bliss we share,
Hard times don't let relation end,
My biggest truimph and achievement,
My friends,my best friends.

Kind words we never ever utter,
Sarcasms; don't know if you hate!
Mocking's always been a pleasure,
With embarrasment,stronger bond does get,
No place for word called 'Secret',
Awesome nicknames is a matter of fate,
Silly pranks we play together,
My soul sisters,my soulmates.

Your names are engraaved in heart,
Your affection embraced by my soul,
My heart-felt gratitude to you,
For being best in your designated role.

Eternal our friendship should be,
Stimulants and tranquilizers,never bid goodbye,
For as long as we're there,
We'll spread our wings and fly.


  1. so many facts you bring to notice.

  2. This poem is beautiful. It describes how I feel about my friends as well