Friday, January 30, 2015


I know she wants to live her life,  
I know she wants to smile again,
I know she whimpers behind the doors,
I know she exists with a heap of pain.

Her sad lore tugs to your heartstrings,
The sheer shadow on her soul is heart-rending,
Her shattered hopes will pinch your soul,
Her faith on secure life is quite denting.

She never used to grieve in the gloom,
She used to cheer and spread her wings,
She was a robust youth and beauty queen,
She used to accept whatever life would bring.

She felt twinge as her body was robbed,
Her soul was raped and then she always sobbed,
Her faith trembled and courage did moan,
Her identity bellowed but no pity was shown.

Even then she remians as pure she was,
Her emotions are as divine as they were,
Her faith's trembled but not broken down,
Her identity faded; not vanished; it's there.

She now needs epiphany about her life and bliss,
Should feel beauty of life and forget she sobbed,
Courage and trust should bestride fear and ire,
She needs to believe that she will be loved.

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