Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Joy is never tomorrow it's always now!"

"Joy is never tomorrow it's always now!" 
                                                    - Sri Sri Ravishankar

I need to do this.
I need to complete this.
I need to achieve this.
I have got to reach that far.
I have to climb those steps.
I have got to defeat people around.
I need to be on the top.

Please, just stop making your mind a chaotic planning department. 'Your life is a journey, not the destination.' Someone, wise quoted. Stop taking anxiety about future: the future that no one has seen and the future that you have no control over. Lets concentrate in our present and stop getting scared of the unseen. 

Live your live with joy. Rejoice and have fun. Do things that make you happy. Enjoy what you do. Cherish each moment. Leave no space for regrets. Give your 100% to whatever you're engaged in and you'll realize how fun-filled that task is. Embrace "Present" and make best utilization of it. ( I am not emphasizing in the professsional part only.) 

When you reach the so-called "Future", you're very likely to realize that if and only if you hadn't had nightmares about the future and focused in your present, you'd have been gifted with a better life. A merrier, a more beautiful and a stress-free life. The life shadowed with worry about future could have been a life showered with cherishing moments and wonderful memories.

Just recall your past and analyse what benefit has the thought about future really brought into your life.Couldn't you enjoy more had you been less worried about future? Couldn't you be bolder and more confident if you hadn't let the fear of future linger in your mind? Couldn't you achieve more had the nervousness not interfered in the way?

So, please stop making your life feel like a punishment. Don't panic about future. Live in present moment. Be happy at the present. Don't keep praying for tomorrow's happiness. At the same time, never ever leave space for guilts and regrets.

Be happy. Spread happiness.

Have a great time!

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