Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let the pigeons fly away!!

A moment of real pleasure is watching birds fly in clear sky. Their chirping sound soothes soul, at least of some of ours. The act of encaging bird seems like smothering their pleasure and right to life. They really need to be provided with their rights.

Let The Pigeons Fly Away!!

A pigeon couple in cozy home,
For security, they needn't roam
The female doesn't have to wait for her dear,
Neither does the male bring tiny creatures to share.

Amid the superior creatures in the Earth,
Their sedentary life has already taken birth,
With air barred and eagles & hawks away,
Where, even in swift wind,they can't see twigs sway.

They needn't flap their wings in smoggy skies,
Nor have to yell when any of their companion dies,
No need to search straw to make nest,
Where, after a liberal flight, they could rest.

They don't scream like they used to do,
They don't cheer up after getting larvae(it's coup).

Maybe they have forgotten the way to express jubilation,
Maybe they have learnt discipline in course of domestication,
Or maybe they're tired of giving earnest pleading,
Maybe get busy counting day for end with each morning greeting.

Please, have some pity,
Leave the pigeon couple happy and gay,
Let them live a liberal life,
Let the pigeons fly away!
Let the pigeons fly away!

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